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Courtney "Coco"

Lead Reproduction Technician

Courtney, affectionately known as Coco, first joined Legacy Banfield in 2021. Since that time she has grown her skills as a veterinary technician and has become our lead Repro tech. Since joining our team Coco has become an indispensable asset and is more than equipped to handle reproductive queries and concerns. Coco grew up breeding and showing Golden Retrievers and Clumber Spaniels in Mansfield Texas.. In her spare time Coco enjoys training her Akita Sif and spending time with her cats Calypso and Snirt. She also dabbles in painting!

  1. What do you love most about being a Veterinary Technician?

    1. "Seeing a wide variety of patients and cases, being able to treat them and creat healthier pet". Coco also loves placing IV catheter.

  2. Why are you interested in Reproduction?

    1. "I am interested in repro because it gives me an understanding of how life begins. I love seeing all the different breeds of dogs and creating bonds/friendships with the clients and their animals."

  3. What is your favorite thing about Repro?

    1. "Being able to see all the different breeds and learning their individual traits. Helping life begin and seeing them grow. I also LOVE C-sections - Best. Thing. Ever!"

Courtney "Coco"
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